2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the French archaeological concession at Deir el-Medina. Contrary to general belief, the ongoing exploration of Deir el-Medina by the IFAO has recently shown that many secrets still wait to be unveiled at this site so important to our knowledge of ancient Egyptian daily life.
This Study Day will assess the history of past excavations before reviewing the main activities that have taken place since 2011, highlighting all the newest discoveries made by the team. The focus will then be on new information about the famous workman Sennedjem, and a little-known parodic scene painted by Bernard Bruyere in the French dig house will be closely analysed.

From 09.45 Doors open for registration
10.00 - 10.15 Welcome
10.15 - 11.30 Dr Cédric Gobeil: A history of Deir el-Medina
11.30 - 11.55 coffee
11.55 - 13.10 Dr Cédric Gobeil: Highlights from the past seasons and latest discoveries
13.10 - 14.20 lunch - please make your own arrangements
14.20 - 15.35 Dr Anne-Claire Salmas: Sennedjem: his house, his tomb, and his family
15.35 - 16.00 tea
16.00 - 17.15 Dr Anne-Claire Salmas: The mummified fish scene in TT2: from reality to parody
17.15 - 17.30 Q&A

Dr Cédric Gobeil is the Director of the Egypt Exploration Society and Field Director of the French Archaeological Mission at Deir el-Medina (IFAO). He obtained his PhD in Egyptology from the Universite Paris IV-Sorbonne in 2008, joining IFAO as a foreign scientific member in the same year. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal in Canada (UQAM) he was appointed Director of the French archaeological mission at Deir el-Medina (IFAO) in 2011 and until 2016 worked as a full time archaeologist for IFAO. Dr Gobeil has also worked for the French missions at Coptos and Balat/Ayn Asil, as well as for the Great Hypostyle Hall Project in the Temple of Karnak. He became Director of the EES in 2016, but his own research is essentially focused on household archaeology and ancient Egyptian daily life at Deir el Medina.

Dr Anne-Claire Salmas is a member of the French archaeological mission at Saqqara (MafS) and the French archaeological Mission at Deir el-Medina (IFAO). She is working on the publication of the funerary linen shrouds (in collaboration with Dr Khaled El-Enany), and also of Khabekhenet's tomb (TT2), one of the largest and most intriguing tombs at Deir el-Medina. Dr Salmas' doctoral dissertation Perception of Daily Rhythms in Ancient Egypt focused on the daily-life experience of the people of Ancient Egypt. She is the Editorial Manager of the Top. Bib. and the OEB for the Griffith Institute - University of Oxford.

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