Three highlights of the Coptic texts from Qasr Ibrim

Joost Hagen (Leiden University)

After a first lecture about the Coptic texts from Qasr Ibrim in Egyptian Nubia in May 2009, focusing on a group of papyrus scroll letters from the year 760 AD, and a second one, in March 2014, about three literary texts on parchment describing alleged visits to and messages from heaven, in my third presentation devoted to the texts in the language of Christian Egypt found at Ibrim during the EES excavations from the early 1960s onwards, I intend to illustrate the nature and phases of my work publishing these manuscripts by discussing three examples in some detail:  a fragmentary text on parchment concerning the apostle Peter that could be interpreted as an apocryphal gospel or apocryphal acts of the apostles; a complete letter on paper by another Peter, a Nubian traveling in Upper Egypt in the first quarter of the eleventh century; and a papyrus I first called ''Document with Decoration'', before I found out it was an intriguing literary miscellany including part of the book of Proverbs in Coptic, an (as far as I am now aware) as yet unknown Creed in Greek, and a Greek – Coptic word list.


Mr Joost Hagen (MA) hopes to finish his doctoral dissertation about the Coptic manuscript texts from Qasr Ibrim for Leiden University, the Netherlands later in 2019. In 2010 he moved to Germany, where he currently works in a project cataloguing the Coptic texts of the Berlin Papyrus Collection, next to teaching Coptic in Leipzig, where he lives.

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