6-7pm (Egypt) | This lecture is part of our in-person Cairo event programme

Cultural identity is the main domain of reviving practically the cultural heritage manifestations in contemporary and future memory. But, recognising the modernisation impacts and acculturation, it is hard to manage authentic cultural identity expressions in modern times. This seminar discusses the professional context of cultural identity to unify the tangible and intangible cultural heritage as one entity. Furthermore, it scans the international heritage legislation interactively, understanding how to realise the cultural identity and safeguard it, including the community together, not in a separable way.

This lecture will discuss the following content: 1. Heritage preservation-based definition of a cultural identity 2. How to recognise the manifestation of cultural identity 3. Cultural Identity and International Heritage Legislation 4. People-centred Approach and Sustainability.

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Dr Mohamed Badry is a member of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee. He participated in ICOMOS International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism (2022) as well as multiple international heritage projects. He has a PhD in heritage marketing and sustainable cultural tourism at the architecture department/theme “Urban Heritage and Mass Tourism”, Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Italy). Moreover, he obtained his MA in Heritage Conservation and Site Management from BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany). He has a multidisciplinary innovative research and professional background in heritage management (tangible and intangible), urban/rural heritage development, community engagement and cultural identity, visitor management and interpretation, heritage marketing and sustainable cultural tourism. He did many lectures and workshops at various international universities such as Uppsala University (Sweden), Heidelberg University and University of Applied Science - Hochschule Anhalt (Germany), Florance University and Roma Tre University (Italy), and so on. For more information about the tutor visit his LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mohamedbadryhcsm/.