The Ancient Egyptian cosmological treatise Book of Gates narrates the passage of the ba-soul of the deceased into the afterlife. It corresponds to the journey of the sun god Ra through the Duat during the twelve hours of the night. The ba-soul is required to pass through a series of gates at different stages in the journey in the sunboat which is protected by the winding snake Mehen. Each gate is watched over by a guardian and it requires that the deceased recognises the particular characteristics of each stage. The text implies that some ba-souls will pass through unharmed, but that others will suffer torment in a lake of fire. This nightly journey of the sun can be regarded as the process of pregnancy that is taking place in the body of the sky goddess Nut. Eventually the deceased will be reborn at dawn just like the renewed sungod Ra-Horakhty.

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Course Tutor

Egyptologist Huub Pragt (1961) took his study of Egyptology at Leiden University. He did an internship in 1987 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and in 1989 he worked for the Giza Mastaba Project. After completing his studies, he worked in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. For more than ten years he was involved in education and public activities. In January 2001 he founded his own training institute 'Huub Pragt Egyptoloog'. In the years that followed, he specialized in teaching courses on hieroglyphic writing. He also wrote two novels on Ancient Egypt.
Huub Pragt is a specialist in religious texts from the New Kingdom and he is often asked to present lectures. In addition, he leads tours and short excursions in the field of ​​Ancient Egypt.
The accessibility and the way he presents his knowledge make Egypt enthusiasts become even more enthusiastic. In November 2015 Huub Pragt taught the well-received EES course ‘Stars above Egypt’ in Cairo.