Statement regarding COVID-19

With the likelihood of continuing COVID-19 infections in the winter, and to enable our increasing international membership to take part, we’re pleased to be able to continue our plans for an Annual General Meeting by holding it online again this year. Electronic voting will be possible during the online meeting, but proxy voting forms are available for those unable to attend the live event. We look forward to being able to hold our regular AGM in 2021 and seeing you there.

Dr Campbell Price, Chair

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If you have any questions that you would like to raise at the AGM, then please email them to [email protected] in advance. 

*members will received printed versions in the mail with EA59. 


  1. To receive the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Director’s Report
  4. To receive the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2021
  5. To approve the reappointment of Sayer Vincent LLP as Independent Examiners until the end of the next Annual General Meeting and to authorise the Board of Trustees to fix their remuneration
  6. To (re-)elect the following Members of the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the Board:
    1. to re-elect Richard Ayre
    2. to elect Jenny Chong
    3. to elect Lizzie Glithero-West, FSA
    4. to elect James Potts
    5. to re-elect Sue Preston

By order of the Board
Dr Carl Graves, Director
23rd September 2021

NOTE: A member entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his/her behalf. A Proxy need not be a member of the EES. In order to be valid, the form of proxy must be completed and returned to the Egypt Exploration Society, 3 Doughty Mews, London WC1N 2PG not later than 16:00 on Thursday 2nd December 2021.

Under Articles 30 and 31 of the Articles of Association, at each AGM one-third of the Trustees are subject to retirement by rotation, or if their number is not three or a multiple of three, the number nearest to one-third, must retire from office. Dr Roberta Mazza is retiring having served 6 years and is therefore not eligible for re-election. Dr Anna Garnett is also retiring and not offering herself for re-election. Dr Linda Steynor is retiring, having served the past 2 years as Chair of the Society. Richard Ayre, our Vice-Chair, and Sue Preston, our Treasurer, retire by rotation and offer themselves for re-election. The Board has decided to extend Anandh Owen’s term of office for a final year under Article 37A in order to assist with the ongoing discussions about the Society’s London premises. To fill the three remaining vacancies, the Board recommends the appointment of three new Trustees, Jenny Chong, James Potts, and Lizzie Glithero-West. In recommending them for election, the Board has taken into account their knowledge and skills and where applicable their contribution to date, as well as the overall balance of skills and experience that the Board requires.


During the year 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, there were 6 Board meetings. The attendance over that year was as follows, the brackets reflecting the number of meetings attended out of the maximum possible:

Dr Linda Steynor, Chair (6/6); Sue Preston, Treasurer (6/6); Dr Omniya Abdel Barr (1/1); Richard Ayre (6/6); Dr John Baguley (1/1); Dr Violaine Chauvet (5/6); Dr Anna Garnett (6/6); Taco van Heusden (6/6); Dr Roberta Mazza (6/6); Jan Morton (5/5); Anandh Owen (3/6); Dr Luigi Prada (4/5); Dr Campbell Price (6/6); Luke Purser (2/6); Dr Sami Sadek (4/6); Dr Penelope Wilson (4/6); Dr Katharina Zinn (6/6).

Statements from Trustee candidates

Richard Ayre

Richard Ayre is now retired after a career in broadcasting. He began as a TV reporter in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and spent 27years with the BBC, becoming deputy chief executive of BBC News and Controller of BBC Editorial Policy. He then worked in broadcasting regulation, as a non-executive first at Ofcom and then at the BBC Trust. Having visited many cultural sites in Egypt over the past forty years he became an EES Trustee in 2018 and Vice Chairman earlier this year. 

Jenny Chong

Jenny has 20 years of experience in investment banking technology and was formerly the Global Head of eCommunications Surveillance at Credit Suisse in London. She is now advisor to two social impact start-ups as well as sitting on the Board of Medway NHS Foundation Trust. Jenny is also actively involved with Imperial College London’s flagship program for growing ventures and innovation. Jenny has a keen passion for archaeology, Egyptology and Islamic art which she has cultivated through her membership of the Egypt Exploration Society. She has been co-opted to the EES Finance Committee since 2020 and looks forward to contributing her skills in technology and management to the Board of Trustees.  

Lizzie Glithero-West, FSA

Lizzie has been the Chief Executive of The Heritage Alliance since 2016. Her previous career has been mainly in the civil service and she has expert knowledge of a wide range of policy areas including archaeology, heritage protection, museums, and tourism.

Lizzie has also spent time as Private Secretary to Culture Ministers and the Permanent Secretary, as Head of Logistics at DCMS at the time of the General Election, and on secondment to English Heritage and to the National Museum Directors’ Council. Lizzie’s first love is heritage. She has a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology from Oxford, and an MA in History of Art from Birkbeck. In 2014 she was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

Lizzie is a mum to two energetic girls, writes about Cultural Education and tries to keep up with her academic interest in Egyptian Revival in her spare time. Lizzie has published on Belzoni and the Egyptian Hall and on Cartier’s Egyptian Revival Jewellery in the Art Deco Period. She is a member of Royal Holloway's humanities advisory board and of the Canal and River Trust’s Cultural Heritage Advisory Group, and she lectures at Oxford University on heritage.

James Potts

James is a barrister at 3 Verulam Building chambers, specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration in London, the Middle East, the Far East, and the Caribbean. Having travelled widely in Egypt over several years, he joined EES in 2016 and began studying ancient Egyptian language on the EES short courses. Inspired by this, in 2019 he enrolled on a part-time MA in Archaeology at Birkbeck, with his dissertation research focusing on trade networks and interactions between Middle Kingdom Egypt and the Horn of Africa.

James also holds a degree in English Literature from Oxford University and an MPhil in Eighteenth Century Studies from Cambridge University. He was twice a Hawthornden Fellow for creative writing. He has been a co-opted member of the EES Premises Working Group since 2020.

Sue Preston

Sue is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser. She worked in the oil industry for a number of years before taking a career break and moving to the Far East. Since her return she worked for a number of not for profits and was formerly the Finance Director of a grant giving trust.

Sue has wide experience of not for profit accounts and a particular interest in governance. She has also had a keen interest in Egyptology and studied at Birkbeck College. Sue has served as the EES Treasurer since 2017.

Please note

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