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Egyptian Archaeology

Egyptian Archaeology

Between 1987 and 1990 the EES published a 'Newsletter', scanned copies of which are now available here. The 'Newsletter' was so well-received by members that in 1991 the EES started publishing a colour magazine to present EES and other fieldwork and research in Egypt to members and other readers in an attractive, easy-to-read and well-illustrated format. Originally EA appeared annually, was only 32 pages long and only partly in colour. It proved to be very popular and since 2000 the magazine has been published twice a year - in spring and autumn - and each issue has 48 full-coloured pages. The Editorial Policy for EA can be downloaded here.

Previous Editors of EA were Michael Murphy, John Taylor, who still serves on the Editorial Board, and, from 1996 to 2014, Patricia Spencer, former Director of the Society. The other current Board Members are Aidan Dodson, John J Johnston, Caitlin McCall, Chris Naunton, Luigi Prada, and Alice Stevenson. The current Editor is Jan Geisbusch, Publications Manager of the EES. News relating to EA can also be found on the Egyptian Archaeology blog.

All full Members of the EES receive copies of EA on publication. To be sure of not missing an issue, join the Society now. The sales price for individual copies is £5.95.


Most issues of EA contain eight to ten main articles, written by eminent Egyptologists or archaeological specialists, on current excavations, surveys and research in Egypt, and occasionally the Sudan. The work of the EES features prominently but the magazine also has articles by other researchers and Field Directors. All articles are in English, giving colleagues abroad a chance to publish summaries of their work in another language and reach a wider audience.

Each issue also has regular features: ‘Bookshelf’ with reviews of popular Egyptological books, and ‘Digging Diary’ which includes brief summaries of some of the many archaeological projects happening in Egypt.

Contributors: Please see our notes for contributors to the EA.

Advertising: EA does accept advertising and the current rates can be downloaded here.

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Egyptian Archaeology 48

EA 48 is out and you can find its contents here, and we also have a little taster for you: Anna Hodgkinson's article on Amarna and its glass industry, and what the the application of X-ray fluorescence can tell us about production techniques and provenance.

And if you're curious about other EES-funded missions, you can also read about the work of Richard Bussmann, Gianluca Miniaci and Aly el-Bakry at Zawyet Sultan, and what Ben Pennington has been up to at Naukratis.








Egyptian Archaeology 47

Egyptian Archaeology 47 is now out, and you can have a look at its contents here. You may notice an article on a gold coffinette from KV 63, written by Earl Ertman and Otto Schaden, who led the team that discovered the chamber in 2005, and it is with sadness that we have to report the passing away of Dr Schaden on 23 November. The news reached us too late to remember him in the print issue, yet as a small tribute we have made the article available online, together with an earlier piece on a coffin from KV 63 that appeared two years ago in Egyptian Archaeology 43.



Earl Ertman and Otto Schaden, Small is beautiful: the gold coffinette G.6 from KV 63

Ahmed Nekshara, Tanis: rains and ruins


Egyptian Archaeology 46

The article by Alice Stevenson and Emma Libonati (see below) is available under the requirements of Open Access.

Josef Wegner, A new temple: the mahat of Nebhepetre at Abydos

Aiman Ashmawy and Dietrich Raue, The temple of Heliopolis: excavations 2012-14

Morgan De Dapper and Tomasz Herbich, Heliopolis: geomorphological and geophysical survey

J. Brett McClain, Continuing the Medinet Habu Fragment Project

Berangere Redon and Thomas Faucher, Gold mining in early Ptolemaic Egypt

Hourig Sourouzian, A new portrait of Amenhotep III in Thebes

Dorothea Schulz, Colours in the oasis:the Villa of Serenos

Alice Stevenson and Emma Libonati, Artefacts of excavation

M. Vandenbeusch, G. Miniaci and S. Quirke, Flinders Petrie and the image world of Akhetaten

Digging Diary 2014-15

Kate Liszka, Gems in the desert: recent work at Wadi el-Hudi

A. el-Batal, S. Soleiman and R. Turkey, Discoveries at Saqqara

Mansour Boraik, A new Ptolemaic temple at Gebel el-Nour

Bookshelf, Koenraad Donker van Heel: Mrs Tsenhor: A Female Entrepreneur in Ancient Egypt / Steven Snape: The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt / Christina Riggs: Unwrapping Ancient Egypt / Garry J. Shaw: The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends




Egyptian Archaeology 45

Egyptian Archaeology

In her final editorial Patricia Spencer reviews the history of EA and its current standing within Egyptology. The issue includes an update on the latest EES project to house, conserve and make accessible the contents of the Lucy Gura Archive, a report on a new EES expedition to Tell Buweib and an article by Kathryn Howley which was part-funded by an EES Centenary Award, in addition to a list of current EES Patrons. The front cover features the restored face of a Twenty-Second Dynasty coffin found in KV 40.

The main articles are:

Carl Graves and Maria Rodriguez Rubin, Access all areas - The EES Archive online

Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer, A New Kingdom temple in the Delta

Judith Bunbury and Salima Ikram, Kharga Oasis: a Saharan patchwork of lakes

Carol Redmount, El-Hibeh: a plundered site

Kathryn Howley, Disaster at Nuri

Susanne Bickel and Elina Paulin-Grothe, KV 40: a burial place for the royal entourage

Gregory Marouard, Kom el-Dahab interpreted

Irene Forstner-Mueller, Avaris, its harbours and the Perunefer problem

Sylvie Weens, Living above Luxor temple

Lucia E Diaz-Iglesias Llanos and Daniel M Mendez Rodriguez, Digital epigraphy of the temple of Debod

Digging Diary, once again four pages long, includes brief reports on fieldwork carried out in Egypt between November 2013 and June 2014.

Bookshelf contains the following reviews:

William H Peck, The Material World of Ancient Egypt. Reviewed by Aidan Dodson.

Thomas Schneider, Ancient Egypt Investigated. 101 Important Questions and Intriguing Answers. Reviewed by Marianne Eaton-Krauss

John Baines, High Culture and Experience in Ancient Egypt. Reviewed by Martin Bommas

Kathleen L Sheppard, The Life of Margaret Alice Murray. A Woman's Work in Archaeology. Reviewed by Rosalind Janssen


Egyptian Archaeology 44

Egyptian Archaeology

The Editorial in EA 44, published in March, contains an appeal to Field Directors to send regular reports for ‘Digging Diary’. There is also an announcement by Liam McNamara of the forthcoming Discovering Tutankhamun exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and details of staff changes at the EES London Office, by Chris Naunton.

The main articles are:

Manfred Bietak and Eva Lange Tell Basta: the palace of the Middle Kingdom

Hany Abdallah El-Tayeb The burial chamber of Rashepses at Saqqara

Joanne Rowland Documenting the Qufti archaeological workforce

David Jeffreys Egyptian colleagues at Saqqara (and elsewhere)

Francesco Tiradritti Of kilns and corpses: Theban plague victims

Miguel Á Molinero-Polo Two enigmatic graffiti

Myriam Seco Álvarez The Temple of Millions of Years of Tuthmosis III

Sylvie Weens Between myth and reality: the Andraos family collection

Christophe Thiers Armant: recent discoveries at the temple of Montu-Re (for a summary see here)

Harco Willems Deir el-Barsha: the tomb of Djehutinakht (III?)

Hourig Sourouzian Recent work in the temple of Amenhotep III

Digging Diary for 2013 is only two pages in this issue as many expeditions which had planned to work in the autumn had to postpone or cancel their seasons to comply with travel advice issued by many governments.

Book reviews:

Aidan Dodson, Afterglow of Empire. Egypt from the Fall of the New Kingdom to the Saite Renaissance. Reviewed by David Aston

David Gange, Dialogues with the Dead: Egyptology in British Culture and Religion, 1822-1922. Reviewed by Alice Williams

Bob Brier, Egyptomania: Our Three Thousand Year Obsession with the Land of the Pharaohs. Reviewed by Aidan Dodson

John M Adams, The Millionaire and the Mummies: Theodore Davis’s Gilded Age in the Valley of the Kings. Reviewed by Nicholas Reeves


Egyptian Archaeology 43

EA 43 was published in October 2013. The first pages, as usual, contain news of EES activities since the previous issue of EA appeared, including the editorial by Patricia Spencer on Nile Delta Research; a review of the Society's role in Egypt by the EES Director, Chris Naunton; David Jeffreys' summary of the photographs in the Hasiballah album; photographs of recent EES events, and a list of current EES Patrons.

The main articles are:

Angus Graham and Kristian Strutt Ancient Theban temple and palace landscapes

Timothy Sandiford
Ptolemaic houses at Abydos

José F Alonso García The tomb of Horimin

Robert Bianchi From a tomb at Haragah to St Louis, Missouri

Francesco Tiradritti The cenotaph of Harwa: archaism and innovation

Miroslav Bárta A new family cemetery at Abu Sir South

Mariusz Drzewiecki Fortress Commandants of the kingdom of Kush

Claude Traunecker and Isabelle Régen The funerary palace of Padiamenope at Thebes

Silvia Einaudi and Daniel Werning
TT33: the Book of the Dead and the Book of Caverns

Sylvain Dhennin and Bérangère Redon Plinthine on Lake Mareotis. Inset box: Marie-Françoise Boussac The identification of Kom el-Nugus as Plinthine

Otto J Schaden and Earl L Ertman KV 63: the glass inlay decoration on Iny’s coffin

Digging Diary
includes reports on many of the fieldwork projects active in Egypt in late 2012 and early 2013.

Book reviews:

Glenn Janes, The Shabti Collections, 5: A selection from the Manchester Museum. Reviewed by Aidan Dodson

Barry J. Kemp. The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Amarna and its People. Reviewed by Marianne Eaton-Krauss

Bill Manley, Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Complete Beginners. Reviewed by Joanna Kyffin

Chris Elliott, Egypt in England. Reviewed by John Tait

Cathie Bryan, Walk like an Egyptian in Kensal Green Cemetery. Reviewed by John Tait

Egyptian Archaeology 42

EA 42 was published in March 2013. The EES ‘news’ section at the front includes a summary by the EES Director, Chris Naunton, of his report to the Society’s 2012 AGM, Patricia Spencer’s editorial on the Amelia Edwards Projects and a personal recollection by David Jeffreys of Margaret Drower who died on 11 November 2012, see also here. The EES Chair Aidan Dodson contributes a short piece on the restoration of the gravestones of Sarah Belzoni, and there are photographs of recent EES events, as well as a list of current EES Patrons.

The main articles are:

Joanne Rowland and Salima Ikram, The falcon necropolis at Quesna
With an inset box by Lisa Yeomans: Analysis of the faunal remains

Eva Lange, The Old Kingdom temples and cemeteries of Bubastis

Hélène Virenque, Letters from the Delta: Edouard Naville and the EEF

Ute Rummel, Ramesside tomb-temples at Dra Abu el-Naga

Philippa Ryan and Neal Spencer, Diet and plant-use at Amara West

José M Galán, The Book of the Dead in Djehuty’s burial chamber

Robert Schiestl and Tomasz Herbich, Kom el-Gir in the western Delta

Chloé Ragazzoli and Elizabeth Frood, Writing on the wall: two graffiti projects in Luxor

Campbell Price, Displaying Egypt and Sudan at the Manchester Museum

Maria Helena Trinidade Lopes, The Apries Palace Project

Martina Ullmann, Wadi es-Sebua: the temple of Amenhotep III

Digging Diary includes reports on many of the fieldwork projects active in Egypt during the second half of 2012.

Book reviews:

Garry J Shaw, The Pharaoh: Life at court and on campaign. Reviewed by Aidan Dodson

David Stuttard and Sam Moorhead, 31 BC: Antony, Cleopatra and the Fall of Egypt. Reviewed by John J Johnston

Miroslav Bárta, Journey to the West. The world of the Old Kingdom tombs in Ancient Egypt. Reviewed by Nigel Strudwick

Stephanie Moser, Designing Antiquity: Owen Jones, Ancient Egypt and the Crystal Palace. Reviewed by Alice Williams

Patrizia Piacentini (ed.), Egypt and the Pharaohs. From the Sand to the Library. Pharaonic Egypt in the Library and Archives of the Università degli Studi di Milano. Reviewed by Patricia Spencer

Egyptian Archaeology 41

EA 41 was published in September 2012. In addition to the regular features 'Digging Diary' and 'Bookshelf', the EES news pages at the front include items on 'EES Patrons' and the Society's Centenary Awards, a personal recollection by John Ruffle on his friend and colleague Gaballa Ali Gaballa, a letter from a reader and news and photographs of recent events.

This issue has a special focus on 'landscape archaeology' with the following invited articles:

David Jeffreys Egyptian landscapes and environmental archaeology

Tomasz Herbich Geophysical methods and landscape archaeology

Judith Bunbury The mobile Nile

Penny Wilson The ancient landscape around Lake Burullus

Angus Graham Investigating the Theban West Bank floodplain

John P Cooper Nile navigation: ‘towing all day, punting for hours’

In addition to:

Margaret Mountford A day at the races in Byzantine Oxyrhynchus

Kristin Thompson Significant composite statue fragments from Amarna

Alexander Ahrens and Peter Pfälzner Akhenaten in Syria

Susanne Bickel and Elina Paulin-Grothe The Valley of the Kings: two burials in KV 64

Book reviews:

John Romer, A History of Ancient Egypt: from the first farmers to the Great Pyramid. (Reviewed by Aidan Dodson)

Andrew Robinson, Cracking The Egyptian Code. The Revolutionary Life of Jean-François Champollion. (Reviewed by Peter Clayton)

Richard H Wilkinson (editor), Tausret: forgotten queen and pharaoh of Egypt. (Reviewed by Aidan Dodson)

Jeffrey Abt, American Egyptologist: The Life of James Henry Breasted and the Creation of His Oriental Institute. (Reviewed by Jason Thompson)

Jack Green, Emily Teeter and John A Larson (eds), Picturing the Past. Imaging and Imagining the Ancient Middle East. (Reviewed by Patricia Spencer)

Digging Diary: Brief reports on fieldwork carried out in Egypt in late 2011 and the first half of 2012.


Egyptian Archaeology 40

EA 40 was published in February/March 2012. The EES news pages include a progress report by Chris Naunton on the rehousing of the Society's Lucy Gura Archive, and accounts of two recent trips made by groups of EES members - to Berlin and Ethiopia - as well as news and photographs from the Society's 2011 Annual General Meeting and other events. In addition to regular features such as ‘Digging Diary’  and ‘Bookshelf’  the issue includes the third in the series of short interviews with leading Egyptologists, Five minutes with Neal Spencer, and the following articles:

David Jeffreys, Memphis in the Middle Kingdom: the field school. Inset: Rebuilding the Memphis workroom 

Joanne Rowland, The first archaeological field school at Quesna

Kenneth Griffin, The Book of the Dead in the tomb of Karakhamun

Veit Vaelske, Terracottas from Tell Basta

Pascale Ballet and Gregory Marouard, Workshops and urban settlement in Buto. Inset: Bérengère Redon and Guy Lecuyot, The baths of Buto

Robert Schiestl, Investigating ancient settlements around Buto

Angela McDonald and Sally-Anne Coupar, The Egyptological afterlife of Colin Campbell

Manuela Lehmann, The city of Avaris after the New Kingdom

Manfred Bietak, The archaeology of the 'gold of valour'

Margaret Maitland, Pharaoh: ideal and reality

Pierre Tallet and Gregory Marouard, An early pharaonic harbour on the Red Sea coast

Bookshelf has reviews by Alice Stevenson (Tine Bagh, Finds from W M F Petrie's excavations in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek), Rosalie David (John H Taylor, Egyptian Mummies), John H Taylor (Agathe Legros and Fréderic Payraudeau (eds), Secrets de Momies) and Peter A Clayton (Ivor Noël Hume, Belzoni: The Giant Archaeologists Love to Hate), with an account by Anna Baghiani and John J Taylor of the recent identification of the grave of Sarak Belzoni.

Digging Diary has brief reports on recent fieldwork in Egypt, including a note by Susanne Bickel on the recent discovery of KV 64.


Egyptian Archaeology 39

EA 39 (Autumn 2011) was published in early November 2011. In addition to regular features such as ‘Digging Diary’, ‘Bookshelf’ and items of EES news, the issue includes the second in the series of short interviews with leading Egyptologists, Five minutes with Salima Ikram, and the following articles:

Joanne Rowland and Jeffrey Spencer, The EES Delta Survey in spring 2011

Eva Lange, The EES Amelia Edwards Projects Fund: Tell Basta

Alice Williams, An Egyptological friendship

Hiroko Kariya and Ray Johnson, Luxor temple: conservation and site-management

Faye Kalloniatis, The shroud of Ipu at Norwich Castle Museum

Steven E Sidebotham and Iwona Zych, Berenike: Egypt’s Red Sea gateway to the east

Dirk Huyge and Dimitri A G Vandenberghe, Confirming the Pleistocene age of the Qurta rock art

Hourig Sourouzian, Investigating the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III

Campbell Price and Gina Criscenzo-Laycock, ACCES-ing Egyptian and Sudanese collections in the UK

Gianluca Miniaci, Re-excavating rishi coffins in museums and archives

Tamás Bács and Richard Parkinson, Wall paintings from the tomb of Kynebu at Luxor

Bookshelf has reviews by Aidan Dodson (Glenn Janes, The Shabti Collections, 1; West Park Museum, Macclesfield), Richard Bussmann (Christopher Woods (ed.), Visible Language. Inventions of writing in the ancient Middle East and beyond), Eva Lange (Mohamed I Bakr, Helmut Brandl and Faye Kalloniatis, Egyptian Antiquities from Kufur Nigm and Bubastis) and Gianluca Miniaci (Bill Manley and Aidan Dodson, Life Everlasting. National Museums Scotland Collection of Ancient Egyptian Coffins). There is also a review by David Jeffreys of the BBC DVD Egypt's Lost Cities.

Digging Diary has brief reports on recent fieldwork in Egypt.


Egyptian Archaeology 38

EA 38 (spring 2011) was published in February. In addition to articles, it contains reports on the EES Centenary Awards, recent EES events and details of a new edited film of the Society's work at Amarna in the 1930s. Aidan Dodson contributes an appreciation of Barry Kemp after he was awarded a CBE in the New Year's Honours List, and this issue also includes an interview with Kent Weeks.

EA 38 contains the following articles:

Angus Graham Ancient Theban waterways

Theresa Steckel A statue of Ramesses II from Tell Basta

Khaled Daoud The tomb of the Royal Envoy Nakht-Min

Joanne Rowland A new era at Quesna 

Maria Correas-Amador A survey of the mud-brick buildings of Qena

Richard Bussmann Seals and seal impressions from Hierakonpolis  

Christophe Thiers and Pierre Zignani The temple of Ptah at Karnak 

Christiane Ziegler Undisturbed Late Period tombs at Saqqara  

Joanne Rowland and Christopher Bronk Ramsey Online C14 database for Egypt 

Richard B Parkinson A papyrus from the House of Life at Akhetaten  

Bookshelf has reviews by Karen Exell (Stephen Quirke, Hidden Hands), Andrew Bednarski (Jason Thompson, Edward William Lane), Aidan Dodson (Herbert Winlock and Dorothea Arnold, Tutankhamun's Funeral) and Morris Bierbrier (Jason Thompson, A History of Egypt and Robert Tignor, Egypt. A Short History).

Digging Diary has brief reports on recent fieldwork in Egypt.


Egyptian Archaeology 37

Egyptian Archaeology

EA 37 was published in November 2010. The layout of EA has been changed with this issue to include pages at the front of the magazine which showcase the Society’s activities, including a report on EES tours to Egypt and Sudan, a summary and photographs from BEC3, news of the appointment of our Development Director, Victoria Perry, and photographs from recent events at Doughty Mews. Appreciations of the lives of Ian Mathieson, Win Exley and Lydia Barker are also included in this new section.

EA 37 contains the following articles:

Masahiro Baba, Dahshur North: intact Middle and New Kingdom Coffin

Tine Bagh, Petrie finds revisited

Earl L Ertman, The face of a king in the Pitt Rivers Museum

David Jeffreys, Joseph Hekekyan, pioneer archaeologist

Eva Lange, King Shoshenqs at Bubastis

Colleen Manassa, The Yale University Moalla Survey project

Gillian Pyke, The Christian settlement at the Amarna North Tombs

Daniela Rosenow, Revealing new landscape features at Tell Basta

Jeffrey Spencer, Tell Yetwal wa Yuksur

Alice Stevenson, Ancient Egypt in the Pitt Rivers Museum

John Taylor, The Book of the Dead

Bookshelf has reviews by Marianne Eaton-Krauss (of Aidan Dodson, Amarna Sunset), Andrew Bednarski (Dieter Arnold, The Monuments of Egypt), Sylvie Weens (Elizabeth Wickett, For the Living and the Dead), Josef Wegner (Wolfram Grajetzki, Court Officials of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom) and Julie Anderson (W Y Adams, The Road from Frijoles Canyon).

Digging Diary contains brief summaries of the work of over 50 expeditions that carried our research in Egypt during 2010.


Egyptian Archaeology 36

The issue for spring 2010 was published in March and has been mailed to all subscribing EES members. The cover and first three articles in EA 36 feature the history of Egyptology to complement the Society's current Fund-raising Campaign for the Lucy Gura Archive. In addition to regular features such as 'Notes and News', 'Membership Matters' and 'Digging Diary' (download Digging Diary here), the main articles are:

Chris Naunton, The EES Oral History Project (download here)

Will Carruthers, A means to an end: seeking Bryan Emery in archives

Stephen Quirke, Petrie at Abydos in 1900: Margaret Murray's album

David Dufton and Tom Branton, Climate change in early Egypt

Sami el-Husseiny and Adel Okasha Khafagy, The Dahshur tomb of the Vizier Siese rediscovered

Angus Graham, Ancient landscapes around the Opet temple, Karnak

Nozomu Kawai and Sakuji Yoshimura, The tomb chapel of Isisnofret at Saqqara

Dirk Obbink, Recent discoveries from Oxyrhynchus

Kveta Smolarikova, Embalmers' caches in the shaft tombs at Abu Sir

Gyoso Voros, The temple treasures of Taposiris Magna


Egyptian Archaeology 35

The autumn 2009 issue was published in early November and mailed to all subscribing EES members then. The main articles are:

Manfred Bietak, Archaeology in the Nile Delta

Manfred Bietak, Perunefer: an update

Maria Carmelo Gatto, The Aswan area at the dawn of Egyptian history

John P Cooper, The ancient canal and port of Suez

José M Galan, An intact Eleventh Dynasty burial in Dra Abu el-Naga

Tom Hardwick, A painted pavement from the Maru-Aten at Amarna

Olaf E Kaper, Restoring wall-paintings of the temple of Tutu

Guy Lecuyot, Coptic occupation of the Theban Mountain

Richard B Parkinson and Neal Spencer, The Teaching of Amenemhat at Amara West

Kate Spence and Pamela Rose, New fieldwork at Sesebi


PDFs of selected articles and features can be downloaded here:

Joanne Rowland, and Sonia Zakrzewski, Quesna: the Ptolemaicand Roman cemetery (EA 32, Spring 2008, pp.15-17)

Richard Parkinson, The painted tomb-chapel of Nebamun

(EA 33 Autumn 2008 pp.21-24)

Irene Forstner-Muller, Providing a map of Avaris

(EA 34 Spring 2009, pp.10-13)

‘Notes and News’

(EA 34, Spring 2009, p.14)

‘Digging Diary’ (EA 33, Autumn 2008, 29-32)


Indexes to EA are published every ten issues and can be downloaded here:

Index to EAs 1-10

Index to EAs 11-20

Index to EAs 21-30

Index to EAs 31-40





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