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Petrie and Pitt-Rivers

The summer Newsletter should be with most of you by now - and we hope you enjoy reading it, and are looking forward to the Autumn/Winter programme of events. 

In Patricia Spencer's article (p.4), she mentions an article by Alice Stevenson, regarding the influence of Pitt Rivers on Petrie's early career. This article is now available online: http://www.archaeologybulletin.org/article/view/bha.22112/548, and is a very interesting read, exploring how the relationship between the two was pivotal to the development of methodology in modern Egyptological fieldwork. 

General A.H.L.F Pitt-Rivers

If you would like to learn more about Pitt-Rivers, why not join our November Trip to Oxford: http://ees.ac.uk/events/index/167.html, which takes in the Pitt-Rivers Museum, and will feature a tour led by Dr Stevenson, who curates the Egyptian collection there. 



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