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Members Tour to the Western Deserts & Oases

In February and March 2014, the Society's Director, Dr Chris Naunton, and guide Medhat Saad, led a group of EES members on a tour of the Egyptian western deserts and oases.

The EES group on the final day in the desert before arriving in Luxor

Route taken through the western desert by the group

The trip took in numerous rarely visited archaeological sites and some utterly stunning landscapes. Sadly, the group found - as we had expected - that Egypt was virtually empty of tourists. It seemed doubly tragic as the local people are really suffering from the massive blow to the economy, but it also seemed a great shame that there weren't more people going to these wonderful places at that time. 


EES members and guide Medhat Saad at the base of the pyramid of Senusret II at Lahun

Looking out towards the horizon from the fortified settlement of Kysis / Dush

Relief of Sety I before Amun & Mut, temple of Amun, Karnak

A full set of photos is available here.

Maps of the route taken through the desert are as follows:

2 March: Fayoum to Bawiti

3 March: Bawiti to Farafra

4 March: Farafra to Dakhla

5 March: Dakhla to Balat

6 March: Dakhla to Kharga

7 March: Kharga to Gueita

8 March: Kharga to Luxor

We are extremely grateful to our friends at Ancient World Tours for their assistance in organising the tour, and very much looking forward to the next one!

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