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#Amarnafortheday foot relief replica

The #Amarnafortheday project continues to make new discoveries in the EES Lucy Gura Archive. A few weeks ago we brought you a story about the familiar face of Nefertiti that many members will have seen in the Committee Room, but few will have noticed the other replica kept in the same room.

A fine replica of a foot relief can be seen to the right of Nefertiti when you enter the Committee Room and was originally made as part of the same exhibition that was arranged following the dig season of 1931-32.

EES Volunteer, Katherine Piper, was searching for new Amarna Object Cards for the #Amarnafortheday project when she came across the original find record for the foot relief.


EES TA 31-32 0451, L-R: The orginal object card record of the foot relief, an image taken of the relief during the EES dig season at Amarna, the replica now kept at the EES London Office. 


The relief was originally published in Pendlebury, J. D. S. 1951. City of Akhenaten Part III. London (Pl. LXXV [7]). Which can be found in the EES Ricardo Caminos Memorial Library

It is also recorded in the Amarna Small Finds Database as part of the Amarna Project

Three-dimensional model of the replica

A stereoscopic image can be downloaded here. Open the file in Adobe Reader and use you mouse to move the image and explore the depth of the relief carving. This model was created from images of the replica kept at the EES London Office. 


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