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Another round of eBay sales now on!

We have just started the next round of our eBay auctions of the library of long-standing EES member and Old Kingdom specialist Colin Newton. We have been selling these volumes on eBay to raise money for the Society, and now more books from the collection are available for you to bid on.

Books will become available every Wednesday, and auctions will last for one week. Please click here to be taken to our eBay page.

A selection of the available books.

If you have any questions regarding the sale of these books, please email Rob Tamplin.


Publication date: 15.05.2012
Publication date: 14.05.2012
Publication date: 02.05.2012
Publication date: 19.04.2012
Publication date: 19.04.2012
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Publication date: 05.04.2012
Publication date: 05.04.2012
Publication date: 28.03.2012

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