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Four EES teams currently in the field and posting updates online!

The Society currently has four field teams working in Egypt, with a fifth soon to join them.

EES Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project: Kamel keeping eye on readings on P9 Ramesseum in background

Angus Graham has already excellent progress continuing his survey of the Theban landscape which was postponed last year due to the Egyptian revolution. At the end of February the Tell Basta team led by Eva Lange, and Minufiyeh Project led by Joanne Rowland both returned to their respective sites. And they have now been joined in the Delta in March by Patricia and Jeffrey Spencer whose survey of Kom El-Daba will recommence in the next few days.

You can now follow of the progress of all four of these teams via their online diaries, as follows:

Angus Graham, Theban Harbours and Waterscapes: http://eestheban.tumblr.com/
Eva Lange, Tell Basta:
Jo Rowland, Minufiyeh:
Patricia and Jeffrey Spencer, Kom El-Daba:

A map showing the Delta sites visited by EES teams last Spring is here. Photographs from the various projects can be found here.

Finally, Penny Wilson who will not only be commencing her Amelia Edwards Project work at the large and important, but previously uninvestigated, mound of Tell Mutubis, but also continuing the Delta Survey work she had to postpone last year, around Lake Burullos.

We are delighted to have so many teams in Egypt at once, clearly demonstrating the Society's commitment to ongoing research in the field. We are equally delighted to be able to bring you news of their progress as the work unfolds through the course of the season!

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