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Who Was Who in Egyptology is now available!

We are delighted to announce that the fourth revised edition of Who Was Who in Egyptology is now available to purchase.


The civilization of ancient Egypt has been a source of fascination for explorers and scholars for centuries, and has occupied a special place in the imagination of the public ever since early travellers’ descriptions and illustrations of the strange culture of temples, tombs and hieroglyphs began to circulate around the world. Egyptology in the Twenty-first century is a multi-disciplinary science practiced by specialists across the globe. The story of its development from a hobby for the educated and wealthy to a highly formalized academic discipline provides the key to understanding how and why we know what we know about ancient Egypt. The endeavours, achievements, talents and failings of the main practitioners, and the social, political and economic circumstances in which they lived and worked have all shaped our understanding of Egypt’s past. This biographical dictionary tells the story of the most important contributors and will be an indispensable reference tool for scholars and enthusiasts alike.

You can obtain your copy by clicking here and ordering it from the Society Bookshop. Alternatively, you can email Rob Tamplin, our publications assistant, and place your order, or you can pop into our London office to collect it.

Please note, if you are planning to visit the office, we are closed between the dates of 27/07/2012 and 14/08/2012.

We recently had a launch party for this long awaited and much anticipated volume. You can read all about it on the EES Publishing Blog.

Publication date: 20.06.2012
Publication date: 13.06.2012
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Publication date: 02.05.2012

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