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Now out and available: Excavation Memoir 107

Sais II: The Prehistoric Period at Sa el-Hagar

Our latest Excavation Memoir - by Penelope Wilson, Gregory Gilbert and Geoffrey Tassie - covers the excavations in the 'Great Pit' at Sa el-Hagar, the ancient Sais, discussing the layers dating back to the Neolithic and Buto-Maadi Periods. It includes reports on stone tools, small finds, pottery and animal and botanical remains, and contributes to our understanding of the Neolithisation of the Nile Delta and the development of Predynastic settlements in the north of Egypt.


The volume is available now from the EES Bookshop.



Publication date: 08.04.2014
Publication date: 31.03.2014
Publication date: 26.03.2014
Publication date: 08.03.2014
Publication date: 06.03.2014
Publication date: 18.02.2014
Publication date: 09.02.2014
Publication date: 06.02.2014
Publication date: 27.01.2014

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