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Workmen's Huts Seminar

 Last Saturday's seminar, 'The Workmen's Huts in the Theban Mountains: the royal tomb-builders' huts above the Valley of the Kings' was a huge success; so much so that as many of you will know, the Society had to move proceedings to a larger venue! 

Dr Jaana-Toivari-Viitala spoke eloquently about her project, the largest Nordic mission to Egypt since the 1960s and the first ever to be Finnish-led. She described the work of the past four seasons, uncovering the remains of the huts situated above the Valley of the Kings, in the 'Station de Repos'. These huts had been briefly investigated by Bruyere in 1930, but the work remained unfinished. 

The Finnish mission has excavated in three quadrants, and found over 700 objects (excluding pottery and faience). Dr Toivari-Viitala showed both the archicture and finds that have been uncovered, before leading a stimulating discussion about the possible functions of the site. 

If you would like to follow the work of the team in the future, including forthcoming publications, please visit http://www.egyptologinenseura.fi/fieldwork/engl/index.html

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