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London Office

The Society’s London premises, which house its administrative headquarters, the Library and Archive, is situated in three adjoining Mews properties on the eastern edge of the Bloomsbury area (about 10 minutes walk from the British Museum). The Office is open from 9.30 to 5.00, Monday to Friday and the Library from 10.30 to 4.30 each day, Monday to Friday. The Archive has limited research space so appointments must be made in advance to consult records.

In London, the Society has at present four full-time members of staff - the Director, Education & Public Engagement Manager, Finance & Business Manager, and Publications Manager.


Dr Chris Naunton has been a member of the Society's staff since 2001 and its Director since 2012. Chris is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Society’s affairs, ensuring 
and that 
values are 
 articulated and consistently 

In 2012 Chris presented the BBC documentary Flinders Petrie: ‘The Man Who Discovered Egypt’ and was recently the lead Egyptologist on a new investigation into the death and burial of Tutankhamun for a TV film which was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK as 'Tutankhamun: The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy' and globally under various other names during 2013.

He studied Egyptology at the universities of Birmingham and Swansea and has worked in the field in the Late Period cemetery of El-Asasif in Luxor and at South Abydos. His research focuses on the Libyan and Kushite Periods of Egyptian history and on the history and development of Egyptology and archaeology in Egypt, and its presentation to the public. Chris has taught Egyptology at UCL, SOAS, Birkbeck College and Bloomsbury Summer School, and regularly give lectures throughout the UK. He has also published a series of articles on ancient Egypt, and contributed chapters to several edited books. He plays several musical instruments, failed to become either a footballer or a rock star, and cycles to work. Follow Chris on Twitter and via his blog, and for his academic work his profile at academia.edu. For all media enquiries please contact Melissa Hales at Rush Talent.

Education and Public Engagement Manager

Carl Graves joined the Society in November 2013, as maternity cover for the role of Education and Public Engagement Manager. Carl studied Ancient History (BA Hons) and Egyptology (MPhil) at the University of Birmingham and spent three years overseeing the Eton College William Joseph Myers Collection on loan there from 2011 until 2013 whilst working on his PhD. During his time at the EES, Carl has expanded the volunteer programme and increased the efficiency and online provision of the Society’s archive. After working with a number of collections in Birmingham, his main interests remain engagement and accessibility – a passion reflected in the Society’s events calendar and in his frequent communications with our global member community. In his spare time, Carl still enjoys visiting museums and galleries – but mostly spending time being childish with his adorable niece and nephew and maintaining an unhealthy addiction to YouTube videos.


Finance and Business Manager

Joe Shah


Hazel GrayHazel GrayPublications Manager

Jan Geisbusch joined the Society in late 2013 as its Publications Manager, while being neither an Egyptologist nor an archaeologist (nor intending to become either). In a previous life, he earned a degree in business studies from a German university and more recently added a PhD in anthropology from University College London (on the material culture of religious practice) – an experience that convinced him that he’d rather read and deal with other people’s writings than produce his own. Over the past ten years he has worked in editorial functions for a number of journals, such as the Journal of Material Culture and Home Cultures (both based in UCL’s anthropology department). For the EES, he now also takes care of the production of its academic flagship periodical, the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, as well as its membership magazine, Egyptian Archaeology.



  Fieldwork and Public Engagement Manager (Egypt)

See under Cairo Office.








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